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What is Metallic Prints...

   Metallic prints are gorgeous for color and depth rich images. Instead of reflecting light, metallic prints seem to absorb light. Which is why we recommend putting metallic prints in a place where they will get some direct light (either near a window or a light). Metallic prints accentuate every color in the image. For this reason, metallic is perfect for any High Resolution photos. They looks especially nice when printed on metallic.

   The biggest question we get concerning metallic is how do I frame it? And it’s not quite as easy as pop in a frame and go. What we recommend is getting the “Foam Mountboard Add-On” in the cart. We recommend this because to frame metallic you should frame it without glass as glass takes away from the unique look of metallic prints. And to frame without glass the print needs to be rigid or else it will just fold through the frame, this is where the mountboard comes into play.